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Purpose and Vision...

Each one has certain purpose in his/her life that may be varying person to person. But, “Preaching the gospel” is the sole purpose of Ethiopian Grace Reformed Church, and this vision is being accomplished through Evangelism by which every tribe, nation, language and people must hear the gospel at least once and make decision for Christ.  Is it not a challenge in your life too?


Remote Area Evangelism... 


What is remote area crusade? Is it a site seeing place? No! Then, is it a place for physical relaxation? Never! Then what is it? It is a cross bearing experience when ventured into it!


“Jesus went around…. the Villages, proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom and He cured every sickness and disease” Matthew: 9:35


The villages which Ethiopian Reformed Presbyterian Church chooses for crusades are, always most undeveloped and to reach those villages is of time consuming and physical constraint, since the road is tapered and rugged besides badly slippery during rainy seasons.

In addition to this inconvenience, the stay in those villages is highly risky. Those places may not have electricity and lavatory facilities are not available even to the least expectation. The poverty and sickness caused the villagers to live in extreme unhygienic; nevertheless the team is bound to adopt the uninvited circumstances and hardship for the sake of gospel.


“Did not Jesus shed His innocent blood for these downtrodden people too?” is the question in our hearts. Yes, His love constrains our hearts, so we go to share His love in spite of hardship!  You are supporting us, so we are  going on your behalf.



Winning souls for Christ!